Free Graphic Design Tutorials in Photoshop, Illustrator and More

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Yes, Free Graphic Design Tutorials Means, Free! is committed to providing only the best, free, Graphic Design Tutorials. We want to be a world-class resource for Graphic Designers and we want our resources be FREE! Our Graphic Design Tutorials will always be free and we will strive to always provide the best tutorials that not only have a great finished product, but that offer great detailed information about how the finished product was accomplished.

Free Photoshop Tutorials

Yes, there will be free Adobe Photoshop tutorials here. Of course! We already have some of the best tutorials on the internet for Photoshop and our library is rapidly expanding. Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor that the majority of graphic designers and photographers around the world use to design and edit their art and photographs.

Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Included on the site are free Adobe Illustrator tutorials. Some of our tutorials in Illustrator have gained world-wide popularity and have many link-backs to them.

Free Inkscape Tutorials

We offer free Inkscape tutorials. Inkscape is an Open Source vector graphics editor, similar to Adobe Illustrator, that is free to use. So, if you’re starting out and want to learn how to do graphic design work for free, we suggest downloading Inkscape, at, and follow the tutorials found here on our site.

Free Gimp Tutorials

Included in our library of goods, are our free Gimp tutorials. Gimp is an Open Source image manipulation program, similar to Photoshop, and it’s free to use. So, if you’re starting out and want to learn how to do graphic design work for free, we suggest downloading Gimp, at, and follow the tutorials found here on our site.

Free 3DS Max / 3D Studio Max Tutorials

Yes, we offer free 3DSMax Tutorials! We have some of the best tutorials in 3DS Max available on the internet.

Free Web Development Tutorials

We offer web development tutorials, such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Flash and more.

Did someone say Freebies? We offer Graphic Design Freebies all day long!

We offer freebies on and we plan on offering new freebies all the time, so make sure you subscribe to our blog so you can stay posted on the free goods!


Logo Tutorials: How To Create A Logo

Are you wondering how to create a logo in Illustrator, Inkscape, Photoshop or Gimp? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We have high quality, detailed tutorials that will show you how to create an icon in any of these major image manipulation software programs.

Web Design Tutorials: How To Create A Web Page or How To Design A Web Site

Would you like to create a web page in Photoshop or Gimp? We have tutorials at that can show you how. Our web design tutorials are up to date with current standards and are very detailed. We’re sure you’ll love learning about how to design a web site from our Web Design Tutorials.

How to create an icon in Photoshop or Illustrator

We teach how to create awesome icons here at

Print and Packaging Graphic Design Tutorials

Ever wanted to know how to create the design that goes on packaged goods, like a milk carton or different kind of package? We have the tutorials you’re looking for!

Virtual Tuning Tutorials

Want to learn how to make a picture of your car look amazing? We have tutorials on the virtual tuning of cars so you can make a picture of a great looking car look even more impressive, as well as change the background and exchange car parts.

Seasonal Tutorials

We offer tutorials on how to create seasonal type items, such as; Christmas icons and mooncakes.

We offer so much more, but please, don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself why we are the fastest growing graphic design tutorial site on the internet today.

All the best!

3D Icons & Shapes in Illustrator

3D Icons & Shapes in Illustrator

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3D Icons & Shapes using Illustrator

by Wendell Fernandes

We often see beautiful designs around nowadays. Many designers have the skills and knowledge to create amazing things using all the digital tools available and most explore all the creative facets. This is due to such an increase in technology which pushes us everyday to learn something new and fun to do. Today, I’ll be more than happy to show you a few basic elements that can potentially take this to a next level. I’ll be showing you a few different techniques on how to create 3D icons & Shapes using Illustrator.