Creating The Lacuna Expanse Game Art – Session 1

October 4, 2010 in 3D, AutoDesk 3DSMax, Featured, Game Artwork Design, Photoshop by admin

Experiences In Creating The Lacuna Expanse Game Art
( Autodesk 3dsmax and Adobe Photoshop)

In this 5 session set I will be going over my experiences with creating the world of artwork for the online and IPhone based game "Lacuna Expanse". The article set will start with JT Smith saying a few words about the game. Then I will begin to cover the difficulties and experiences involved with creating the mass of artwork and directing / creating the in-game and promotional materials. Then I will begin explaining the process of creating the artwork.

This set of articles is meant to educate on the processes with tips and general information rather than being a complete tutorial from start to finish with creating a certain object. If you would like a dedicated tutorial for a certain object or item in this session set please contact me or Instatuts.

Please take some time to check out the game. It can be played for free at

Author: Ryan W. Knope With Game Forward By JT Smith

Ryan W. Knope is a freelance 3D / 2D Artist / Consultant with 13 years experience in the 3D and 2D industry. His main artistic love lies with interior and exterior rendering although he takes on just about every type of graphics work. Ryan is also the architectural / interior voice for 3D Artist Magazine’s Question and Answer Panel. He lives with his wife Krista, in sunny Denver, Colorado.