Creating A Detailed Master Plan Rendering – Part 2 – 3DS Max and Photoshop

December 3, 2009 in 3D, AutoDesk 3DSMax, Featured, Photoshop by admin

Creating A Detailed Master Plan Rendering – Part 2
(Autodesk 3dsmax 2010 – Adobe Photoshop CS4)

Welcome to the second session of "Creating A Detailed Master Plan Rendering." If you missed Part 1 of this tutorial, please visit, "Creating a Detailed Master Plan Rendering in 3dsmax and Photoshop." In this session we will the following elements:

• Setting up the 0′ grade hardscape (Walkways) and grass.
• Discussing area’s that can be lower LOD (Level Of Detail).

• Building Place Holders.
• Setting Up The Main View.
• Setting Up Detailed Materials
• Raised Feature Area
• Water Feature

The focus of this rendering is based mainly off the site hardscape, planting and how it flows rather than the architecture of the buildings.

*NOTE* The final image shown below will be changing slightly as this is currently a live project.