Setting Up A 3D Walk Through – Fly Through in 3DS Max

January 4, 2010 in 3D, AutoDesk 3DSMax, Featured by admin

Setting Up A 3D Walk Through – Fly Through
( Autodesk 3dsmax 2010)

In this tutorial we will go about the process of setting up a "Walk Through" or "Fly Through" animation in Autodesk 3dsmax. This Tutorial can be followed by users of other applications as well, since most of the functions can be transferred. The concept I am about to teach is pretty universal.

For those that are a bit more advanced I will spill the beans early… animate your camera along a path.

This tutorial is not meant to be a modeling guide for creating your environment. It is meant to teach you how to set up your animation after modeling the environment. Simple… maybe… maybe not… let’s take a look.