Milk Box Packaging Design Tutorial

December 22, 2009 in Featured, Photoshop, Print Design by admin

Milk Box Print / Packaging Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to create a milk box with a packaging design. First thing we need is to have the design completed in Adobe Illustrator. After that we’ll switch to Photoshop and apply the design to the box.

Author: Samet Cicek

Samet Cicek is a graphic designer, an illustrator and a photographer based in Istanbul. He is a world-wide freelancer currently working at Microsoft as online marketing specialist.


Tutorial Details

  • Program: Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop
  • Version: CS3
  • Difficulty: Beginner


Step 1: Having the design ready!

When you design for print, always use ‘bleeds’. Bleeds are extra colorful space around the artwork to avoid white areas incase of any cutting mistakes. When you’re in Illustrator, make sure you make good use of them.

Step 2: Starting with the Vanishing Point

Open the milk box image in Photoshop. Create a new empty layer from layer pane [Cmd + Shift + N] and go to Filter > Vanishing Point [Cmd + Alt + V]. Vanishing Point window will pop-up.

Select the Edit Plane Tool (V) and start drawing a quadrangle around the front side by clicking the corners of the box. Some corners are a little bit round but doesn’t matter, this is just for analyzing the perspective.

Now hold the [Cmd] key and click the middle-right button of the grid-box. Drag your mouse to the right until the end of the box. Since this analyzing is automated you may need some editing on corners. Hold down the [Alt] key and drag & drop corners to edit. If you feel so, hit OK.

Step 3: Pasting the artwork

Now go back to the Illustrator and copy your artwork to your clipboard by [Cmd + C]. Return back to Photoshop, make sure you’re on the new empty layer and go to the Vanishing Point window again [Cmd + Alt + V].

You’ll see the changes we’ve made are still there. Since the artwork is copied to clipboard, we can paste it here by [Cmd + V]. At first you’ll see your image with original dimensions, drag it into the grids to fit.

Step 4 – Transforming the artwork

After you drag artwork into grid, it may be bigger or smaller than the surface. To edit and fit the image to the box’s surface, transform the artwork by Transform Tool (T) [Cmd + T].

Tip: You might not be able to transform if you don’t see the corners of the artwork. Drag the image to see the corners.

If you feel OK with the positioning in Vanishing Point window press OK. For details we’ll transform the artwork layer again and ‘fine tune’ here. Press [Cmd + T] to see transform tool’s bounding box, then right click on the box and choose Warp. Now we’re able to move little parts we want. Zoom in and fine tune here.

Step 5 – Final touches

Now you have your artwork fit to the box perfectly. Last big step is changing the blending mode of the artwork layer. Change it into multiply and you’re done with it. You may play around with Levels, Brightness and contrast it’s all up to you!