DIY Light Box Tutorial

April 8, 2010 in Featured, Photography by Rufino

Home Studio: DIY Light Box

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to make a DIY Light Box for capturing small stuff in a professional way. We’ll build our own studio for as low as $35! Then, we’re ready to shoot.

Author: Samet Cicek

Samet Cicek is a graphic designer, an illustrator and a photographer based in Istanbul. He is a world-wide freelancer currently working at Microsoft as online marketing specialist.

Tutorial Details

  • Shopping List:1 Medium Size Box ($2)

    2 150W Garden Lights
    ($10 each)

    1 Utility Knife ($6)

    1 Duct Tape ($4)

    A few pieces of white paper ($3)

  • Skills:Ability to cut and tape
    objects :)
  • Difficulty:Easy

Step 1: Having Your Stuff Ready

OK, if you did the shopping now let’s see what we’re going to use for what.

Step1 Background

Step 2: Enfold the Box

Enfold the box. Next, we’ll cut the edges. If you can figure out which side to cut, it’s easier to cut before enfolding.

Step 4: Draw Lines

Draw the lines a little bit smaller than the paper size. Leave some space to tape around the paper.

Step 4 – Cut the Edges

Cut out the part using the utility knife. Then do the same thing for the opposite side.

Step 5 – Main Structural Frame

Here’s how the main frame looks like. I use the blank white paper for background, you can use anything you want.

Step 5 Sidebar

Step 6 – Cover the Sides with Paper

Using the duct tape, cover the sides with paper in order to soften the light coming accros to your object . Be sure to use quality duct tape, because light may go through the tape at a different intensity and cause line shadows on your product.

Step 5 Sidebar

Step 7 – Hit the Lights!

Place the lights according to your box . You can use stronger lights for bigger boxes. I’ve used 150W garden lightning for a box at this size.

Step 5 Sidebar

Final Step – And We’re Done!

Here’s the final. Wasn’t hard, was it?

Step 5 Sidebar


You can play around with colors and add sharpness in Photoshop later on. But I’m adding raw images for you to see what can you do at minimum price. I hope you liked this tutorial.

Step 5 Sidebar

Step 5 Sidebar

Step 5 Sidebar