Create a Print Ready Business Card in Photoshop

November 12, 2009 in Featured, Photoshop by admin

Creating a Modern Business Card (Ready for printing)

In this tutorial I’ll explain you step by step how to realise a business card in Adobe Photoshop. You will learn to add bleed lines, to create the shape and the design you’re look for.

After you finish creating it, you’ll be able to print it, because it will be made in CMYK (color mode) and 300 dpi (Resolution).

Author: Tudor-Ionel Cucu

Freelance graphic designer Cucu Tudor-Ionel is a student located in Bacau, Romania and currently writing tutorials based on personal projects. At the age of 13 he started working in photoshop doing tutorials about virtual-tuning, and then creating different chops and websites in his non-existent free time.


Tutorial Details

  • Program: Adobe Photoshop
  • Version: CS4
  • Difficulty: Intermediate


Step 1

For the beginning we must create a new file(CTRL+N).

Resolution: 300dpi

Color Mode :CMYK color

Dimensions: 3.75×2.25


Step 2

To display the Rulers you must press CTRL+R. The rulers are needed for taking measures, useful in adding the bleed lines.


Step 3

Bleed lines are very useful for keeping the measures fixed. To add them, you must go with the cursor over the rulers, hold the left-click and then drag till you reach the point.

On a business template you will have : Bleed margin/Cut line(0,25cm)/Safety Margin(0,5cm)

Your design must not expand over the safety margin !

Step 4 – Creating the Background(1)

Create the shape using Rounded Rectangular Tool(U). Place it like in the image below.

Step 5 – Creating the Background(2)

To add gradient you must right-click on the layer with the shape to select Blending Options and then go to Gradient Overlay.There you must have the same options like in the image below :

Opacity : 20%
Gradient : Black to white
Scale : 150%
Angle : 90*

Step 6 – Adding Text(NAME)

Use the type text (T) to write the name and place it in the center,like I did.

Step 7 – Shadow of the text

Adding shadow is really easy for texts.The only thing that you must do is to right-click on the text layer and select blending options.Then,go to Drop Shadow and use the following options.

Blend Mode : Multiply / Opacity : 75% / Distance : 5% / Spread : 10% / Size : 29%

Step 8 – Adding rectangles

To create those white shapes you must pick up Rectangle Tool and drag some thick lines like I did.

Step 9 – Creating the Background(3)

Create the black shape and place the layer behind the layers that you created in step 8 ! Go to opacity and lower it down to 50%.

Step 10 – Adding Custom Shapes

To make it unique and useful you must add some relevant imagines to phone/mail/web.To make this,you must choose some custom shapes. Place them in your business card and transform them using for each other Free Transform (right-click on the shape) !

Step 11 – Using Brushes for Background(1)

Select the business card shape using the Magic Wand Tool(W). Import the brushes I added in the zip file into Photoshop and use the one I marked in the image bellow,to offer it an unique touch.Place the brush like I did and lower the opacity of the layer.

Master Diameter:659 / Layer opacity 19%

Step 12 – Using Brushes for Background(2)

We will use again this brush in a new layer,but we must Flip it Vertically and place it again in the selection of the card’s shape.The layer which contains this shape must have 50% Opacity.

Step 13 – Custom Shapes (shadow)

Custom shapes we added in Step 10 needs some shadows. Select the Brush Tool (B),master diameter: 246px and add in a layer placed behind the custom shapes those black spots,that represent their shadow.

Step 14 – Adding Text

Add the text using the Type Tool.Using the same font "Acens" (you can find it in the .zip file)

Colour: #0094f2

Step 15 – Adapting it for the rear side

Save it again with a different name (CTRL+Shift+S) and start modifying it.

Remove the layers containing shapes created on steps 8/10/13/14.

Then re-size the Company text to – 12pt


Step 16 – Adding "Your position"

The last thing to do on the rear side is simply adding "your position" using Type Tool placing it under "John Doe" .Then add shadow (Blending Options>Drop Shadow)

Colour: #0094f2

Final Step

Save(Ctrl+Shift+S) both versions (FRONT&BACK) as PSD file and PNG file.

  • – It’s not necessarily to create the same design as I did.
  • – Don’t forget to use CMYK color mode
  • – 300 dpi Resolution