Cool Swirly Lines in Illustrator

March 5, 2010 in Featured, Illustrator by admin

How to make a Swirl Line in Adobe Illustrator

Making a swirl line in adobe Illustrator is very simple and easy. It won’t take too much time to finish it.

I will be happy if you would show me your result from this tutorial. You know you want to see me happy :)

Author: VINCA

Vinca is a freelance Illustrator / Designer which resides in Malaysia. Currently, Vinca is an Editorial Artist for The Star News Press. She is also doing freelance for Flash interactive animation and games.

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Adobe Illustrator
  • Version: CS2
  • Difficulty: Beginner onwards

Step 1: Setting up

Open a new document or Ctrl + N.

Adjust the setting like the picture below.

Color Mode: RGB color

Dimensions: 640px, 480px

Step 2: Pen tool

Select the pen tools on the tools bar or click P (shortcut) on the keyboard.

Step 3: Adjust stroke line

Click Windows – stroke or ctrl + f10 to open the stroke tab.

Adjust the stroke like mine.

weight : 0.25pt

Step 4 – Outline

Turn off the fill color.

Select your color for the stroke line.

I choose blue, bcoz blue makes me happy.

Step 5 – Let’s draw!

Draw a curvy line on the work stage.

Step 6 – Simplify

After that, on the menu, choose Object – Path – Simplify.

Step 7 – Adjusting

Adjust the line according to ur need.

It will fix the curve of ur line.

Step 8 – Select

Select the selection tool on the tools bar or click V on the keyboard.

Click on anywhere on the screen.

It will end the line that u just draw.

Step 9 – Add line

Select another color on the pallete.

I choose green, coz green is my kitty’s eyes color.

Step 10 – Add Color

Repeat step 5 to 7.

Make sure that it is overlapped with the blue line.

Step 11 – Select

Select both of the lines.

Step 12 – Blend tool

Double click on the Blend Tool on the tools bar.

Step 13 – Adjust blend

Change the setting like mine.

Specified steps, 20

Step 14 – Blending

On the menu, choose Object – Blend – Make or simply click ALT + CTRL + B.

Final Step

There u go!

Additional step

If u want more complicated swirl, just simply add more before you blend in.

Complicated swirl

They says the more, the merrier isn’t it?