How to Draw Mooncakes in Illustrator

October 14, 2009 in Illustrator by admin

How to Draw Mooncakes in Illustrator

by Cmate

Mid Autumn is drawing near and I’ve got friends from the creative industry discussing if there is a possibility of drawing almost-real mooncakes on Illustrator. We have the same opinion that drawing a mooncake clipart is not going to work on a promotion brochure because it’s food we are talking about. A cartoon food graphic is not going to be as enticing as the real photo of the dish. So what do we do if we need a photo of a mooncake but can’t seem to get our hands on a copyright-free image?

Mooncake Made in Illustrator - InstaTuts.comFinished Design

All of us went home and experimented a few ways to draw almost-real mooncakes. Combining the two new methods I have discovered lately (How to Draw Flower Shape & How to Create 3D Objects), I managed to design the mooncakes image above – which got the approval of my fellow designer friends. Yet again, the steps are simple and only takes up two minutes to completion. Let me share with all of you how to do it.

Step 1: Draw a Flower Shape in Adobe Illustrator

Using the same method in How to Draw Flower Shape, create a visual like in Figure 1, below. Fill the colour with an orangish brown that resembles mooncake colour.

How To Draw Mooncakes in Illustrator - InstaTuts.comFigure 1

Step 2: Use Extrude and Bevel Effects

Now, select the object and go to EFFECTS > 3D > Extrude & Bevel. Follow the settings above. You can amend the settings based on your preference. Click OK and you will get the very base of your mooncake.

Step 2 - How to Draw Mooncakes - InstaTuts.comFigure 2

Step 3: Design the Pattern for the Top of the Mooncake

It’s time to design the pattern or icon for the top of your mooncake. Make sure that size of your design is not bigger than the mooncake base. I’ve drawn a smiley face for this tutorial.

Step 3 - How to Draw MooncakesFigure 3

Step 4: Group and Repeat Step 2

Group your design and then repeat Step 2 with your new object. This time, make sure you adjust the Extrude Depth to a smaller amount. I’m using 5pt for this tutorial.

Step 4 - How to Draw Mooncakes - InstaTuts.comFigure 4

Step 5: Click OK to give object same effect as Mooncake

When you have clicked OK, your object will have the same effect as your mooncake base – only with a thinner depth.

Step 5 - How to Draw Mooncakes - InstaTuts.comFigure 5

Step 6: Place design on Mooncake base

Simply place your design on the mooncake base and adjust the position accordingly. The result should be like above.

Step 6 - How to Draw Mooncakes - InstaTuts.comFigure 6

Step 7: Apply Film Grain Effect

Even after Step 6, your mooncake looks like it’s been illustrated from a manga page. Here’s where details count. Select all and go to EFFECT > ARTISTIC > FILM GRAIN. A new option menu will pop up.

Step 7 - How to Draw Mooncakes - InstaTuts.comFigure 7

Step 8: Complete the Texture

You may follow the settings which I have used here or adjust according to your preference. Basically, we are adding some texture to the mooncake. When you click OK, it’s completed!

Step 8 - How to Draw Mooncakes - InstaTuts.comFigure 8

Now, you have a mooncake that is almost-real looking. Just place it where you need it to be, add some effects such as shadow and lightings to it and it’s good to go. Simple right? Yet another two-minute solution that both amazes and impresses me. Have fun drawing!

Final Design - How to Draw Mooncakes -


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